Eco Capture Dual SDI M.2


Eco Capture Dual SDI M.2

Two channel 2K capture card
Part number: 11530
  • Captures SD/HD/3G/2K SDI x 2 + embedded audio


  • Eco Capture Dual SDI M.2

    The first three models in the Eco Capture family each feature a high-speed PCIe 2.0 bus interface with an M.2 connector, enabling multi-channel HD. The dual-channel Eco Capture Dual SDI M.2 captures HD or 2K video up to 1080p60 over a SDI interface. Also supports up to 8 channels of embedded audio.


    The three initial Eco Capture models each measure 22x80mm (0.87×3.15in), matching the M.2 2280 standard specification. The power consumption of the Eco Capture cards is 30% to 70% lower (depending on model) than Magewell’s Pro Capture cards with similar input signal connectivity.

    Stream replication enables each input channel to be delivered to multiple software applications simultaneously with identical capture parameters, enabling concurrent functionality such as encoding, recording and preview through distinct tools. High-quality video processing functions including up/down/cross-scaling, image controls and color space conversion are performed by the cards’ on-board FPGA, reducing CPU usage, while additional processes such as frame rate conversion and de-interlacing are available in software through the included drivers or third-party applications.

    The M.2 Eco Capture models will be available with drivers for Windows and Linux operating systems. OS-native capture APIs including DirectShow, DirectKS, V4L2 and ALSA will be supported, while a comprehensive SDK will be offered for developers to directly access the full feature set of the cards.


  •  Capture2.PNG
    2 x MMCX to SDI breakout

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