Magewell releases a new USB3 capture box XI104XUSB

Magewell releases a new USB3 capture box XI104XUSB


Leicester, England, September 10th, 2012, Magewell today releases a new product XI104XUSB video capture box. XI104XUSB innovatively adopts the USB 3.0 interface, and can realize super high-speed transmission. It can simultaneously capture 1 1080p/60Hz HD signal and quad A/V signal at D1 30Fps, which can contribute to a brand new mobile lecture recording system. You just need to connect it with your notebook by a USB cable, run the lecture recording software and you will realize a personalized recording requirement. With one single capture box, the teachers courseware, both his and students images will be recorded. It can be carried to any events conveniently and set up the live recording environment quickly. The lecture recording system can be saved in your notebook.

XI104XUSB can capture 1 HD signal, supporting the input of VGA, DVI, HDMI, component, CVBS. The captured signal can be automatically detected, and it has the best ability to detect the resolution of input VGA automatically. You can get the best image quality without any manual settings

USB3.0 Interface

USB is one of the most popular computer expansion interface. USB 3.0 is also called Super Speed USB. Its bit rate can reach as high as 5GBps. Compared with the current USB 2.0, whose bit rate is 480Mbps (i.e. 60MB/s), it has increased by more than 10 times. For example, if we want to transfer a document of 25GB size, by USB 2.0, it takes about 13.9 minutes, while by USB 3.0, it only needs 70 seconds. The new USB 3.0 is compatible with USB 2.0 but the unidirectional transmission speed has increased by 5 times. XI104XUSB adopts the USB 3.0 interface. By one single capture box, it can capture 1-channel HD video and 4-channel SD video. The XI104XUSB can get the power from computer directly without heavy power adapters, which can be carried very conveniently. You can get high-quality uncompressed 1080HD video at any time by USB 3.0 interface. When XI104XUSB works at its full capacity, its power consumption is less than 4.5w. This allows the setup of complex applications with low heat consumption and higher security. You can also connect it to USB 2.0 interface or expand a USB 3.0 interface by a PCI-Express expansion interface.

About ForeFront Imaging

We are an innovative U.K based company specializing in video signal capturing for display, record or streaming (broadcasting), Our range of capture cards provide HD capture or HDMI capture capabilities as well as cards that combine HD sources including 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, VGA or Multi Channel SD A/V inputs. All our cards have the capability of Multi-Card support within a single PC!

We are is one of the worldwide leading providers of high definition video capture/streaming cards. They are used in applications such as Medical, Industrial, Video wall technologies, Console Games, Simulation, Security, Seminar/Lecture recording and Educational applications and much more in and around the world. FFI capture cards are well known for their quality aspects, ease of use and compatibility to various kinds of applications.

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