Magewell XI006AUSB - 6 channel video capture box Simultaneously capture 6 channel A/V at D1/30fps. It can simultaneously capture 6 CVBS and 6 unbalan.. Product #: 20191 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $365.00 $365.00 In Stock

XI006AUSB - 6 channel video capture box

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USB 3.0 video capture device
Simultaneously capture 6x CVBS and 8x unbalanced stereo audio

The XI006AUSB, a multi-channel USB 3.0 interface video capture unit.  Capture uncompressed video from 6 SD video sources PAL/NTSC and 6 unbalanced stereo audio with each channel at D1/30 fps. Automatically detect the video source from the input signals without manual settings or adjustments. No need for extra power adapter as it gets it directly from the PC which makes it more adaptable for mobile applications for notebooks, laptops as well as desktops PC's. The XI006AUSB is also compatible with USB 2.0.

VC006AUSB connection diagram
Software Compatibility 

The XI006AUSB standard development interface is based on DirectShow Filter for video capture  and DirectSound for audio capture. It is based on IKsPropertySet expansion interface and it’s compatible with software, such as Windows Media Encoder, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Real Producer Plus, VideoLAN for Windows and many more.

Flexible Multi-channel Capture

The XI006AUSB has the feature of SimuStream, which means multiple applications can simultaneously run and capture while the frame rate stays unchanged. This enables different applications to use different capture formats. One video source can be dealt into multiple formats, bit rates or resolutions. This will help users to develop various solution.

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