Magewell VC204XE capture dual HD+quad SD+Audio Dual HD+ quad SD video capture card Simultaneously capture dual HD signals and quad A/V signals.. Product #: xi204XE based on 0 reviews Regular price: $675.00 $675.00 In Stock

VC204XE capture dual HD+quad SD+Audio

Brand: Magewell
Product Code: xi204XE
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VC204XE Connect to Various Kinds of Devices
Capture Video 2x DVI (HDMI/VGA/Component) and 4x A/V Composite

The VC204XE, you can capture various kinds of SD and HD video signals. You can connect to 2x HD signal devices, such as DVI, HDMI or analog VGA or Component signals, and that's not all the VC204XE can also capture 4x channel A/V signals. 
PCI-Express x4, Half length,700MB/s transmission bandwidth ensures high video capture rates, a powerful card for the most demanding applications.

Video capture/display application is included with the AV Streaming driver which is compatible with various 3rd-party audio and video capture software based on DirectShow and DirectSound.
Multi-card support, Support for Windows, XP, Vista, 7, 8, Server 2003, Server 2008 & R2, SDK for C++ programming included.

LED screen, laptop, LED TV, cast station, camera.

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