FFI Capture Express

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  • Last update: 20 April 2017
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Up to 4K video capture and record

Support from SD to Ultra HD video capture, preview and record. It can provide ten million pixels at least. The fineness is 4 times that of HD image.


Software encoder is compatible with the various environments. There are 3 kinds of coding quality: High Quality, Balanced and Best Speed. The higher the coding quality is, the better the video quality is. However, CPU usage will also increase.

Hardware encoder is based on Intel Quick Sync technology and greatly reduces CPU usage. However, it only runs in a limited number of environments. It can achieve better effect when encoding low bit rate video.

Live Streaming

Users can Use RTMP protocol for live streaming. It is compatible with a variety of RTMP server such as Flash Media Server, Red 5, Wowza, NGINX, etc.


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Forefront Imaging Product Catalog

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