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Magewell the company has focused on the core processing technology of audio and video devices and has worked under the principle of “developing innovative products and serving customers by technology”. Magewell is based on its powerful development team, the successful brand Magewell it has created and it has released a series of capture cards. These include USB 3.0 capture devices, and USB 3.0 dongles. This includes capture cards such as VGA, 6-channel SD, single, dual, and quad channel HD/SDI (2K/4K), HDMI (2K/4K), DVI, VGA, Composite and much more. Magewell capture cards have various advantages, such as product innovation with quality video and audio, excellent performance and reliability. Magewell products have been installed and implemented globally. Magewell products are used widely in industries like streaming media, medical image, industrial camera, machine vision, security check, video wall display, HD monitor and etc. They continue to bring new visual experience to users and has become widely accept as a leader in video and audio devices.

Products include: Pro Capture Family, USB Capture Gen 2, USB Capture Plus Family, Eco Capture and Ultra Stream Encoder's, and Capture Software.

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Plug & Play, Driver Free, Automatic input signal detection

Resolutions ranging from SD (720x480) to 4K (4096x2160).

Offer single/dual/quad-channel video capture. Support HDMI (up to 4K), SDI, DVI & SD signals.

Distributed, IP-Based Live Production and AV-over-IP over Standard Networks

Single-channel HDMI or SDI streaming encoders for live streaming

Low Power Consumption Video Capture

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