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    Forefront Imaging Official Magewell Master Distributor.

    We have a wide range of PCIe video capture cards that are designed to capture images from varying sources such as 4K ultra HD, HDMI, Single & Dual Link DVI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, VGA, Composite, Component, and S-video. The new inclusion to our selection is the USB 3.0 video capture dongle that allows you to take images from your laptop, notebooks, and any other device with a USB 3.0 interface. It can capture images from 4k ultra HD, HDMI, DVI-I, SDI, VGA, and Composite PAL/NTSC. With these video grabbers, you can capture and record simulator screens, product presentations, and other visual data, which you can then stream or display.
    PCie, Pro Capture RangePCie, Pro Capture Range 4kPCie, Pro Capture MiniUSB Video Capture Family



    Magewell is one of the worldwide leading providers of high definition video capture/streaming cards. They are used in applications such as Medical, Industrial, Video wall technologies, Console Games, Simulation, Security, Seminar/Lecture recording and Educational applications and much more in and around the world. ForeFront Imaging capture cards are well known for their quality aspects, ease of use and compatibility to various kind of applications.

  •  Magewell USB Capture AIO

    Single-Channel HD Capture Card

    Features include:
    • Support for up to 2k resolution
    • Captures multiple signals including HDMI, SDI, DVI, VGA and more.
    • Driverless, plug-and-play functionality
    • 24/7 operability



    USB Capture SDI Plus

    • Capture SD/HD/3G/ 2K SDI + embedded audio
    • Loop-through SD/HD/3G/2K SDI
    • Audio input via Line in
    • Extract SDI embedded audio and output via Line out

    USB Capture HDMI Plus

    • Capture HDMI + embedded audio
    • Loop-through HDMI signal
    • Audio input via mic
    • Extract HDMI embedded audio output via headphones
    • Support 4Kp60 4:2:0 input. Capture from the newest
    game consoles such as PS4 Pro and XBOX One S.
    • Automatically down scale to 2K for recording/streaming

    USB Capture DVI Plus

    • Captures one of the following:
    DVI + audio, VGA + audio, Component + audio
    HDMI + embedded audio

    • Audio input via Line in
    • Extract HDMI embedded audio output via Line out


    • Compatible with various USB 3.0 chipsets (Intel, Renesas, ASMedia, Fresco Logic), compatible with expended USB 3.0 via PCIe Gen1.1 x1
    • Compatible with USB 2.0
    • Compatible operating systems: Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10), Linux (kernel version 2.6.38 and above), OS X (10.8 and above)
    • Support APIs, such as Windows: DirectShow, DirectSound, Linux: V4L2, ALSA, OS X: QuickTime
    • Support software including Windows Media Encoder (Windows), Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (Windows, OS X), Real Producer Plus (Windows), VLC (Windows, OS X, Linux), QuickTime Broadcaster (OS X), QuickTime Player (OS X), Wirecast (Windows, OS X) and etc…
    Pro Capture Quad HDMI

    Four-Channel HD Capture Card

    HDMI x 4 + embedded audio x 4

    The Pro Capture Quad HDMI is an ideal solution for applications that require the capture of quad HDMI sources plus embedded audio (x4) in real time. Typical applications include: Viewing HDMI sources from PCs, MACs, Industrial/medical equipment, cameras, game consoles and other video equipment. Also includes Streaming video or Broadcasting applications.
    One Channel All-In-One Capture Card

    Captures one of the following: SDI, DVI, VGA, Component, Composite, S-Video, HDMI - All with Audio

    The Pro Capture AOI is an ideal solution for applications that require the capture of HD or sources in real time. Typical applications include: Viewing HDMI or Analog sources from PCs, MACs, Industrial/medical equipment, cameras, game consoles and other video equipment.

     USB Capture HDMI Plus

    One Channel 4k to 2k Capture Device

    With a HDMI 1.4 interface, USB Capture HDMI Plus can capture signal from PS4, Xbox One, graphics cards, HD cameras (professional/sports/surveillance/video conference) and other devices. Max input resolution and frame rate is 4960 x2160p60 (4:2:0). It automatically down scale the video to 1080p60 for recording and streaming
    VC100DUSB-HDMI USB Video Capture Dongle

    The VC100DUSB video capture dongle can capture various HD and DVI video sources with resolutions up to 1920x1200p @ 60fps. The VC100DUSB-HDMI adopts the USB 3.0 interface, which can realize high-speed transmission. You can capture high-quality non-compressed 1080 HD video by this mobile capture device.


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