Magewell Video Audio Capture, Conversion and Streaming


Magewell designs and develops
innovative hardware and software

for media capture, conversion and streaming

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Magewell eco capture

Eco Capture AIO

Single-channel M.2 capture card with HDMI and SDI inputs

Magewell Ultra Encode

Ultra Encode AIO

Advanced Encoder for Live Streaming,
Recording and IP Workflows

Magewell pro convert audio dx

Pro Convert Audio DX

Flexible IP Audio Conversion & Capture

Offers a seamless bridge between analog audio, software and IP standards including Dante®, NDI®, SRT and more


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Magewell Video Audio Capture, Conversion and Streaming

Magewell Director Mini

Encoder, Monitor, Switcher, and Recorder

The Director Mini encapsulates the functionalities of an encoder, monitor, switcher, and recorder, resulting in a comprehensive solution for live streaming professionals. You can add up to two HDMI, two USB-A, two NDI|HX2 or HX3, three SRT/RTMP, smartphone, or media file source inputs, and simultaneously output via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to up to two destinations such as YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook Live using SRT, RTMP, or NDI|HX3.

  • Compact and Versatile
  • Full Customization with Touchscreen Interface
  • Configurable in Portrait or Landscape Mode

Magewell IP Encoders & Decoders

Magewell Pro Convert Range


Audio, Video, Control and more over standard IP Networks

Offering the robust reliability, assured performance, and compact size of dedicated hardware, the Pro Convert family comes in a broad array of models with flexible choices of input or output connectivity and encoding or decoding resolution.

magewell applications

These converters can be paired with each other and are also fully compatible with third-party hardware and software encoders and decoders to fit seamlessly into existing workflows.

Ultra Encode Range

Flexible & Affordable Universal Encoder

Ultra Encode AIO live media encoders take the capabilities of our original Ultra Encode models to a whole new level for advanced use cases. It builds on the functionality of the Ultra Encode family with expanded features including HDMI and SDI input connectivity in a single unit; 4K encoding and streaming from the HDMI input; simultaneous multi-protocol streaming; higher streaming bitrates; file recording; and much more. This device is ideal for high-quality live streaming of content including sports, education, and live events as well as IP-based production and AV-over-IP

Multi-Input Video Processing

Powerful Encoding & Streaming Capabilities

Versatile Recording and Streaming

Control Hub - One Management Platform for all
Magewell IP Devices

Administrators can remotely configure device parameters, trigger operational functions and upgrade the firmware of multiple devices in batches. They can also group devices together and assign permissions for different devices or groups.

Ultra Stream Recording and Live Streaming Encoders

Making live streaming remarkably easy for everyone. Record and stream with one click

How to use OBS Studio to record & stream

Magewell Video Capture & Streaming, USB devices to record and stream on windows, Mac & Linux

Use innovation to grow your business

Magewell Video Capture & Streaming

The successful exploitation of new ideas is crucial to a business being able to improve its processes, bring new and improved products and services to market.


USB Capture HDMI 4K Plus supports 2560x1440p 144 input. Gamers can play at 144 fps and record or live stream the gameplay at the same time. The device also supports input of 1080p240.



Effectively and professionally advertise and broadcast information and products to the public.


Capture and stream your live event or gaming footage in up to 4K at 60 FPS

Live Streaming for Distance Learning & Collaboration !

1. Virtual Classrooms

Schools and Universities are looking for ways to get their classes online due to the recent health crisis. Our video capture products can capture the classrooms and can simultaneously broadcast live streams to remote learners


2. Live Streaming

How to live stream on YouTube for remote learning, training and and also virtual events. Watch our online tutorial to broadcast too Youtube Live, Twitch, Facebook Live or any number of other streaming servers using the Ultra Stream HDMI/SDI Encoder.


3. Video Conferencing

Panopto And Zoom Make It Easy To Manage and Share Online Meeting Recordings. For businesses and universities around the world, video conferencing has become an integral part of meeting culture because it enables people to participate in discussions, brainstorms and decision making from remote locations


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Our service and solutions partners will meet your needs, to provide you with the most efficient solutions for video streaming, lecture recording, distance learning and much more ...

Systems Integrator's & Developers

Magewell offers comprehensive APIs and sample applications to help developers leverage the capabilities of Magewell capture hardware to the maximum extent, Developers can feel free to use Visual C#, Java, Visual C++, and Visual Basic (only support on Windows) to build their applications

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