Magewell Product Downloads

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Magewell Pro Capture Downloads

Part NumberProduct NameDriversFirmwareDocuments
11040Pro Capture HDMIDownloadDownloadDownload
11080Pro Capture Dual HDMIDownloadDownloadDownload
11100Pro Capture Quad HDMIDownloadDownloadDownload
11120Pro Capture HDMI 4KDownloadDownloadDownload
11110Pro Capture Mini HDMIDownloadDownloadDownload
11152Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus LTDownloadDownloadDownload
11260Pro Capture Dual HDMI 4K PlusDownloadDownloadDownload
11050Pro Capture SDIDownloadDownloadDownload
11060Pro Capture Dual SDIDownloadDownloadDownload
11090Pro Capture Quad SDIDownloadDownloadDownload
11130Pro Capture Mini SDIDownloadDownloadDownload
11180Pro Capture SDI 4K PlusDownloadDownloadDownload
11220Pro Capture Dual SDI 4K PlusDownloadDownloadDownload
11030Pro Capture DVIDownloadDownloadDownload
11070Pro Capture Dual DVIDownloadDownloadDownload
11160Pro Capture DVI 4KDownloadDownloadDownload
11020Pro Capture AIODownloadDownloadDownload
11170Pro Capture AIO 4KDownloadDownloadDownload
11140Pro Capture AIO 4K PlusDownloadDownloadDownload
11250Pro Capture Hexa CVBSDownloadDownloadDownload


Video capture devices come in two main types: PCIe circuit boards you install inside your computer or external boxes that connect via USB interface.

  • Flexibility: capture, record and live streaming from various video sources
  • Quality: Multicard support, resolutions up to 4K60
  • Driver & driverless with SDK available
  • Applications: Video Capture, Record, Stream, Broadcast, Conferencing, Distance Learning.


Magewell video capture devices that can capture record audio and video from sources such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-Video, component, or composite

  • better game performance while recording
  • versatile file formatting
  • uploading to social media outlets
  • personalize and edit game footage
  • customize your stream’s experience for your viewers.


Stream: The process of transmitting and receiving data over a network as a constant, continuous flow.

  • Stream in high quality
  • Support live video streaming, webcasting and video conferencing
  • live stream video to an audience over the internet
  • Retain viewers with a lag-free, high-quality stream


Broadcast: Distributing and sharing video and/or audio content with any mass audience.

  • Support live video streaming or broadcasting, webcasting and video conferencing
  • broadcast upto UHD video from the event to tablets, smartphones and desktops
  • live transmission of events such as sports, concerts, religious services, presentations, performances and more